Seminar Meeting 2012.4.12

Welcome back to Zemi Everyone! The cherry trees is blooming and welcoming us a whole new semester. This year, we have one new MA student – Johnson, and two PhD students – John and Naoko. Welcome to our seminar and wish you have a fulfilled life in Waseda!

Here is our Seminar Schedule for this semester. Please prepare and give your presentation on the designated date.

2012 Spring Semester – Seminar Schedule




April 19 Lee Socheath Research Presentation Research Presentation
April 26 Elaine Maria (Film) Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation

May 3rd – National Holiday, No Class

May 10  Johnson Chang Wenjin Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation
May 17
Milliya Amy Research Presentation Research Presentation
May 24 Hitomi Hoang Ren Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation

* The forth semester students (Lee, Socheath, Elaine, Maria, Film) are required to present repeatedly in the fifth period.


Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Today’s semi we have 3 things to discuss:

1. ERICSSON JAPAN Internship

(1) 2011/12/13-15
(2) 2012/01/10-12
(3) 2012/01/17-19

Time: 18:00-21:00 (3 hours for each day)
Place: Yokohama
Nationality: Any country
Language: Can speak a little bit Japanese


2. Waseda Writing Center

Maria provides an information from Waseda Writing Center which provides sessions of 45 minute-long, one-on-one consultation between a tutor and a writer as a free service for all Waseda students.


3. Today we have 2 presenters: Elaine. Socheath


“The Behavior of Joining Brand Pages on Facebook”

To examine the intention of Facebook users to click Like on a Brand Page; Survey on Facebook users to examine how difference types or images of a brand community influences users preference to join/how interactivity


“Feasibility and Cost-Benefit of Implementing LIMS in a Pathology Laboratory”

Evaluation of Lab Capacity in Cambodia; Estimate cost and benefit of LIMS available: Open sources & Commercial-Stand alone, Cloud LIMS


Next week’s presenters: Second semester’s students

Seminar Meeting 2011.10.06

Seminar Meeting 2011.10.06

First of all, Congratulation to both Socheath and Roger!
Socheath and his lovely wife finally got married this summer.
Roger and Chie had also official commit with each other to live happily ever after.

Updates for the upcoming:

  • Statistic Analysis Lecture will from October 13th 2011 (Thursday on 5th period).

Nassar will be in charge of lecturing so please attend to show your support.

  • The seminar for the students from fourth semester will be cancel on October 13th.

This week summary:

The first presenter was Maria; she discussed the current issue of “telework for continuity of operations in Japan”.   In depth, it cover how Japanese continue to work (telework) even during after major nature disasters or throughout emergency period.  Disaster management system (DMS) is another main focus of this particular paper.

Film was the second presenter; he is interested in “cloud computing & web 2.0 in Thailand”.  He focused on Thailand because Thailand is a developing country which the need of demand is also expanding simultaneously; therefore, the introducing of cloud computing & web 2.0 is one of their solutions to meet the needs of Thai people.

Elaine should be the third presenter but due to lack of time, she will be presenting next time.

Next week presenters:

  • Elaine
  • Lee
  • Socheath

5th period seminar wrap up:
Professor Mitomo started off with telling “how ICT can be utilize for strengthening Japanese economy”.  The purpose of this research is to avoid unnecessary panic when the next major earthquakes hit Japan.
Then, Professor Mitomo looked through our “list of contents” and give advices individually.
Those in the fourth semester, please work on literary review/survey!

See you all next week!