Seminar Meeting 2012.4.19

Seminar Meeting 2012.4.19

Welcome to the second seminar class of spring 2012!



  1. Introductory message by Professor Mitomo
  2. Presentations by fourth semester Master’s students: Lee, Scheath
  3. Practical issues and Closing

1.  Introductory message by professor

Today’s agenda

Job opportunities for seminar students

2. Presentations (2)

I. Analysis of Mobile Spectrum Assignment Policy in Korea (Lee, Chung Sol)

Background to spectrum allocation via auction in Korea in August 2011
Literature review: Why auction the spectrum? Advantages.
Literature review specifically for the 2011 auction in Korea
Research question and hypothesis
Methodology and Structure
Comments / Questions:

  • In what aspects will the case comparison take place? This also ties in to some general vagueness issues.
  • Are the cases selected really comparable? It may be better to look for other cases that were held in the same time frame and bear more similarities to the Korean case.
  • Investigate the auction in more detail, and then extend the comparison to another country’s case, and possibly re-phrase the research question and hypothesis

II. Feasibility and Cost-Benefit of Implementing LIMS in a pathology laboratory (a case in Calmette Hospital, Cambodia), Ly Scheath

Reasons for current study
Thesis objectives
Research Question
Research Methods and Procedures
LIMS available and Costs and Benefits
Questions / Comments:

  • Will the human cost be included in the CBA? (training etc.) Special attention should be paid to fixing the time frame of CB calculation.
  • How will system benefits be evaluated? (reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency)
  • It may be worthwhile try to find past case studies in related literature.
  • Do not focus purely on CBA, but on the form and level of the benefit itself. [List all possible benefits]

3. Practical issues and Closing

The seminar for the fourth semester students will be held after the regular Master’s seminar in the same room (#316)

In the next seminar meeting, Elaine, Maria, and Film will present their MA thesis plans/progress.

This week’s notes were kept by Maria. Note-keeper for  next week will be Riyung.

Lee will be responsible for setting up the equipment before the seminar class [computer, projector, and extension cord should be taken from the professor’s office and projection screen from the 7th floor]

About the web-page

Four new students have joined the seminar. It is requested that one of them at least offer to take over administrator responsibilities from Film, as he will be graduating this semester.

About the welcome party

Date of the welcome party: Thursday, May 17th, 7-9pm

Cost: ~3500¥/person. There are two potential places for the welcome party for new students, one close to Takadanobaba station and the other in Shinjuku. More information on the event will be sent to the mailing list.

Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Today’s semi we have 3 things to discuss:

1. ERICSSON JAPAN Internship

(1) 2011/12/13-15
(2) 2012/01/10-12
(3) 2012/01/17-19

Time: 18:00-21:00 (3 hours for each day)
Place: Yokohama
Nationality: Any country
Language: Can speak a little bit Japanese


2. Waseda Writing Center

Maria provides an information from Waseda Writing Center which provides sessions of 45 minute-long, one-on-one consultation between a tutor and a writer as a free service for all Waseda students.


3. Today we have 2 presenters: Elaine. Socheath


“The Behavior of Joining Brand Pages on Facebook”

To examine the intention of Facebook users to click Like on a Brand Page; Survey on Facebook users to examine how difference types or images of a brand community influences users preference to join/how interactivity


“Feasibility and Cost-Benefit of Implementing LIMS in a Pathology Laboratory”

Evaluation of Lab Capacity in Cambodia; Estimate cost and benefit of LIMS available: Open sources & Commercial-Stand alone, Cloud LIMS


Next week’s presenters: Second semester’s students