Seminar Meeting 2012.10.11

Weekly Summary

CHANG’s presentation



  • The reason of selecting the topic
  • Comprehensive approach towards the topic
  • Hypothesis, research questions, objections
  • Methodology


Background Information

  • The current structure of subsidization
  • Regulating agencies, subjects of regulations
  • Regulations on subsidies itself
  • Regulations on marketing expenditures overall
  • Timelines and practices of regulations


Main analysis

  • Economic aspects
  • Financial aspects
  • Legal aspects
  • Administrative aspects


Conclusions & policy uggestions

  • Lack of consideration for consumers’ welfare
  • Subsidies vs. monthly payment discount
  • Banning subsidizing does not means better consumer welfare
  • Minimum level of regulation on subsidies and monthly charge
  • More intuitive pricing & subsidizing scheme
  • Reconstruction of affiliated
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