Seminar Meeting 2012.04.26

Weekly Summary
Seminar Meeting 2012.04.26

1. Film’s presentation

– How are leadership styles developed?

– Individuals’ behaviors correspond both in real life and game match

– Authoritarian / Democratic / Laissez-faire

– Carry / Support / Ganker

– Hypothesis: Gaming experience shapes an individual’s leadership style in real life.

– Real life behavior influenced as individual’s role chosen in game.

– Methods: Survey and interview


– Better explanation is required, considering the age level of the thesis examinees

– Since the topic is relatively unfamiliar to professors,


2. Maria’s presentation   – Telework for COOP

– If there is a disaster, what should be done afterwards?

– Real effectiveness = potential + procedural effectiveness

– Procedural: behavioral constraints, values of the target group, capabilities of the administrative system and target group

– Aim: to identify the organizational and individual characteristics that influence the procedural effectiveness of telework for COOP in Japanese public agencies

– Research questions: are managers and employees of J. public agencies open to the implementation of telework as a COOP strategy?

– X1, X2, X3: Demographic, Organizational culture, Technology

– Hypothesis: higher level of technological familiarity will tend to hold more positive views of ad hoc telework.

– Methodology: cross-sectional survey / case study


– Employer / employee’s aspects should be separated

– Questionnaire surveys will be like asking to employees who are not doing telework

– Gap between their intensions and their actual behaviors, whether they are really willing to adopt telework

– The actual cases… whether ones can in fact stay effective working in your house

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