Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Weekly Summary
Seminar Meeting 2011.11.17

Today’s semi we have 3 things to discuss:

1. ERICSSON JAPAN Internship

(1) 2011/12/13-15
(2) 2012/01/10-12
(3) 2012/01/17-19

Time: 18:00-21:00 (3 hours for each day)
Place: Yokohama
Nationality: Any country
Language: Can speak a little bit Japanese


2. Waseda Writing Center

Maria provides an information from Waseda Writing Center which provides sessions of 45 minute-long, one-on-one consultation between a tutor and a writer as a free service for all Waseda students.


3. Today we have 2 presenters: Elaine. Socheath


“The Behavior of Joining Brand Pages on Facebook”

To examine the intention of Facebook users to click Like on a Brand Page; Survey on Facebook users to examine how difference types or images of a brand community influences users preference to join/how interactivity


“Feasibility and Cost-Benefit of Implementing LIMS in a Pathology Laboratory”

Evaluation of Lab Capacity in Cambodia; Estimate cost and benefit of LIMS available: Open sources & Commercial-Stand alone, Cloud LIMS


Next week’s presenters: Second semester’s students

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