Seminar Meeting 2011.11.10

Weekly Summary
Seminar Meeting 2011.11.10

it seems everyone has been busy, not much progress since the last presentation

this weeks presenters are : Maria Elaine, and Film


“teleworks schemes can help reduce the time needed to return normal operation

after crisis”

basically she talks about crisis management.

she seems to have  some difficulties with

・what is the casual relationship of interest?

・theoretical experiment  -measurements

-cost vs time

-efficiency vs productivity

-category b/

please give her some advice if anything comes  up to your mind.



“multiple players online game & its effects on behavior change”

research Qs -how MPOG effect the personality of the players?

-possible links between virtual violence and real world.

proposed answer -MPOG can be  more self-centered.

i pretty much like this thesis. please stick to the plan!!


next weeks presenter: Elaine, and 2nd semester students

see you all in next week

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