Field Trip to NTT Group Showroom “NOTE”

Field Trip to NTT Group Showroom “NOTE”

This week we have a chance to visit NTT Group Showroom called “NOTE”. NOTE is a NTT showroom which has an aim to demonstrate NTT’s cutting edge technologies and its future vision in ICT. The exhibition is divided into two main sections which are the potential utilizations of ICT in the near future and ICT utilizations that are already in today’s market.

Exhibition started with “Theme Stage” which stated NTT Group’s vision on the utilization of ICT in creating safe and secure BB service that will contribute in solving social, environmental and energy issues. With the available of NGN services, the usage can be applied and extended to many fields in the future. The potential utilizations are as follows:

  • Home ICT: Creating a more comfortable, safe and secure life with Earthquake Early Warning System and Home Appliances Support Services.
  • Telemedicine: Connecting homes with hospital to resolve the issues of doctor shortage.
  • Behavior assistance services: Allowing mobile phone to assist with your daily activity by collecting-based information and identify your preference.
  • Educational Services: Allowing distance education without restriction of time and location.


The second part of the exhibition is focusing on utilization of ICT that are currently available in today’s market. We are presented with IP video conference, IPTV and digital signage.

  • IP video conference: High resolution and low latency can be experienced through this IP video conferencing system. NTT offers a package of video conference system at a cost of 30 million yen per set. Regardless of its high price, 4,000 sets have been sold.
  • Hikari TV: It is an IP TV which offers 96 channels and digital terrestrial broadcasts.
  • Digital signage: This is a new type of interactive advertising. The sign can recognize no. viewers who are currently in front of the sign. Furthermore, they are now working on age and gender recognition in order to offer advertisements and promotions which are better fit to customers’ preference.

In my opinion, the exhibition is very well made with lots of examples to illustrate the utilization of ICT. The experiences today are eyes opening in what is going on in the world of ICT.

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