How to register

Step by step digital society registration

Digital Society registration is SUPER simple ! And here is how to complete the registration successfully.


  1. Choose a Username and type it in the text box.
  2. Input your Email address.
    Make sure your address is correct because we will send you a confirmation Email to you.
  3. Click Next
  4. Check your Email (the Email account you provided above), you will receive an Email from Digital Society.
    Click the URL link provided in the Email to activate your account.
  5. Copy the Password provided on the page you’ve been redirected to or in your Email.
  6. Click Login and login using your registered username, and the provided password.
  7. Lastly !! After you have logged in, on the left side of the page you will see a menu that says Profile (or click here),
    enter your own profile and change your password (at the bottom of the page) to what ever you wish.
    Also do not forget to provide us your details in this page.
  8. Now click the the Register Now button below, and start over from step 1.