Study of implementation of fourth generation of mobile communications technology standards (4G – LTE) in Japan


Study of implementation of fourth generation of mobile communications technology standards (4G – LTE) in Japan

The purpose of research work: Evaluate the benefits of the deployment of 4G in Japan and in the world, define the key trends and directions of development of telecommunication systems. This topic is relevant, because at this stage of development of information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan, there is a period of transition to a qualitatively new level of development when given very attractive possibilities and conditions for the introduction and spread of services based on advanced technologies and the number of users of these services in the country increases exponentially.


Exploring Factors Influencing Consumers’ Adoption of Mobile VoIP

Exploring Factors Influencing Consumers’ Adoption of Mobile VoIP

My research will focus on the influencing factors of consumer’s adoption of mobile VoIP, and trying to analyze these factors from the perspectives of consumers, and finding out the correlations between these factors and behavior of consumers, also connecting to the usage patterns.


  1. M-VoIP services has a negative effect on the use of other voice communication service, such as SMS and mobile calls.
  2. Network effects have a positive effect on the adoption of m-VoIP services.
  3. Age may play an important part in the process of adoption.
  4. Consumers’ past experience has a positive effect on the adoption.
  5. The voice/call quality may influence the adoption of m-VoIP services.
Research methodology
  1. Qualitative research(interviews)
  2. Quantitative research
 Online survey
  •  Paper-based survey


Analyzing the Shift of Agribusiness Model in Uganda

Analyzing the Shift of Agribusiness Model in Uganda

What does ICT mean to farmers

Exploring the Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Adoption for Mobile VoIP

Main contents of the presentation

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Questions
  3. Literature Review
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Research Model and Methodology
  6. References

The research is mainly concerning from the perspective of consumers, aiming to investigate influencing factors existed in the process of adoption for m-VoIP, and try to find out correlations between the influencing factors and consumers’ behavior in decision-making, furthermore, it’s to conclude some implications for service providers and explore the diffusion of potential users.

ICT literacy and Education in India

In my essay, I’m forcusing on utility gap such as ICT literacy in India, examining devices access such as PC and Mobile. Also, I’m trying to find the  solutions to alleviate the gap, in terms of effective and efficient educational opportunity among citizen.

Since 1980s, India has recorded the economic development promoting ICT industry as its national development core engine. Nowadays, ICT industry in India is recognized as one of the successful model. Indeed, this industry has been contributed in many economic positive impact inside and outside of the country.

On the other hand, it is also observable to find the utility gap among the citizen.  Mobile phone seems to spread rather than PC. In the global network society, who have the benefit? Are there any left community to catch up this benefit? In the case of India, Internet process is getting much more common administration tool and general infrastructure among the people day by day. Many opportunities are announced and taken the process through ICT application.

Therefore, it could be said ICT device access is nowadays a common tool to be utilized by citizen to gather & dispatch information, catch up opportunities and be on the process. Beyond various languages and life styles in India, this topic can be discussed not only on digital divide, service & product provision by the company. But I focus much on educational opportunity provision as the effective intervention.

Hitomi O.

(2013.04.24) Features of webtoon and Relationship with readers

This is Ren. Sorry to upload my data late.

<<Summary of Presentation>>
1. Webtoon is a combination of [Web+Cartoon] and a distinctive digital comic of Korea.
2. To make out why Webtoon suceeds in Korea by analyzing the features of Webtoon and a relationship with readers.
3. I think that the key factors of Webtoon are Interactivity and User-interface. I will treat these factors mainly in my thesis.
4. I will set up the research questions like this,
Q1. ウェブトゥーンの双方向コミュニケーションは、どの様に行われているのか?
Cases of an interactive communication on Webtoon.
Q2. ウェブトゥーンの使用者環境は、どの様にデジタル環境に最適化されているのか?
Cases of an user interface of Webtoon optimized for digital media.
Q3. ウェブトゥーンの双方向性と読者の利用欲求は、どの様に関係しているのか?
A relationship with interactivity and readers.
Q4. ウェブトゥーンの使用者環境と読者の利用欲求は、どの様に関係しているのか?
A relationship with user interface and readers.
5. I will use a quantitive method to analyze my research questions.

Thank you for your attention!

The Spread of Information and its Influence On State Security And Development (2012/11/15)

After the presentation following recommendations were given by the Professor:

  1. Collect information on security related incidents in the past (cases such as cyber attacks).
  2. Categorize the collected data.
  3. According to categorization investigate information threats towards the chosen subject of research (the situation in Uzbekistan).

Dynamic of Computer Literacy in the Process of Utilizing ICT (2012/11/8)

By Ronnie

A Comparative Study of VoIP (2012/11/8)

By Halen

Digital Comic Content (2012/10/25)

This is Ren.

There are my PDF version of PPT slide I presented Today and summary of your comments.

If I miss your comments… I’m so sorry for my fool English listening.


  1. I had better focus some group of people who read Digital Comic, for instance 20-30 year-old group.
  2. I can’t show you the clear purpose of my research, I should make it by the next time.
  3. I should make some hypothesis, and I can explain why I take the hypothesis from research data. Also, I have to explain why it is important for me.
  4. Prof. Mitomo explain me [Input-Process-Output], the process of study, I should draft this Input sector.


It is a little bit tough for me to write in English.


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