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(2013.04.24) Features of webtoon and Relationship with readers

This is Ren. Sorry to upload my data late.

<<Summary of Presentation>>
1. Webtoon is a combination of [Web+Cartoon] and a distinctive digital comic of Korea.
2. To make out why Webtoon suceeds in Korea by analyzing the features of Webtoon and a relationship with readers.
3. I think that the key factors of Webtoon are Interactivity and User-interface. I will treat these factors mainly in my thesis.
4. I will set up the research questions like this,
Q1. ウェブトゥーンの双方向コミュニケーションは、どの様に行われているのか?
Cases of an interactive communication on Webtoon.
Q2. ウェブトゥーンの使用者環境は、どの様にデジタル環境に最適化されているのか?
Cases of an user interface of Webtoon optimized for digital media.
Q3. ウェブトゥーンの双方向性と読者の利用欲求は、どの様に関係しているのか?
A relationship with interactivity and readers.
Q4. ウェブトゥーンの使用者環境と読者の利用欲求は、どの様に関係しているのか?
A relationship with user interface and readers.
5. I will use a quantitive method to analyze my research questions.

Thank you for your attention!

Digital Comic Content (2012/10/25)

This is Ren.

There are my PDF version of PPT slide I presented Today and summary of your comments.

If I miss your comments… I’m so sorry for my fool English listening.


  1. I had better focus some group of people who read Digital Comic, for instance 20-30 year-old group.
  2. I can’t show you the clear purpose of my research, I should make it by the next time.
  3. I should make some hypothesis, and I can explain why I take the hypothesis from research data. Also, I have to explain why it is important for me.
  4. Prof. Mitomo explain me [Input-Process-Output], the process of study, I should draft this Input sector.


It is a little bit tough for me to write in English.