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Consumers’ Adoption and Acceptance on Location-based Advertising (2012/10/18)

Consumers’ Adoption and Acceptance on Location-based Advertising (2012/10/18)

This post gives a summary of Milliya’s presentation — Consumers’ Adoption and Acceptance on Location-based Advertising: An Explorative Study in Tokyo

Along with the evolution of mobile communication and the population of Global Positioning System(GPS), Location-Based Services(LBS) have attracted considerable attention due to its ability to create timely and personalized information for users to make optimized decisions. With its unique features, LBS has been widely applied in many fields from emergency, navigation, entertainment, social, and so on geo-content related services. The value of LBS is unquestionable; a Microsoft report shows that LBS give users more control to help reduce concerns, and Location-based advertising(LBA) can motivate consumers to take action. However, being one of newest technologies and marketing strategies, LBS still lacks of related studies, especially in Eastern countries.

The value of LBS is unquestionable and there is considerable interest in understanding factors that influence adoption of mobile services(Okazaki 2005). My research questions are listed below:

  • How user perceives the value of LBA?
  • Which factors affects the acceptance on LBA?
  • Which factors affect the intention to use LBA?

The research aims to understand how consumers’ attitude towards LBS affects their adoption and acceptance. Furthermore, to explore how consumers’ attitude towards LBS affects their acceptance and intention behavior on LBA. By employing the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) model, the study analyzes consumers’ perceived value on LBS and LBA, and identify influencing factors and relation between LBS and LBA. The research adopts quantitative method to obtain users information, and analyze it supported with literature reviews. Here is the first draft model:

A quantitative research will be conducted to collect data. The survey will be conducted in Tokyo, Japan. The content will be translated into both Japanese and English.

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Seminar Meeting 2012.4.12

Welcome back to Zemi Everyone! The cherry trees is blooming and welcoming us a whole new semester. This year, we have one new MA student – Johnson, and two PhD students – John and Naoko. Welcome to our seminar and wish you have a fulfilled life in Waseda!

Here is our Seminar Schedule for this semester. Please prepare and give your presentation on the designated date.

2012 Spring Semester – Seminar Schedule




April 19 Lee Socheath Research Presentation Research Presentation
April 26 Elaine Maria (Film) Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation

May 3rd – National Holiday, No Class

May 10  Johnson Chang Wenjin Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation
May 17
Milliya Amy Research Presentation Research Presentation
May 24 Hitomi Hoang Ren Research Presentation Research Presentation Research Presentation

* The forth semester students (Lee, Socheath, Elaine, Maria, Film) are required to present repeatedly in the fifth period.


Seminar Meeting 2011.10.20

Seminar Meeting 2011.10.20

This week we have three presenters: Lee, Ren and Hitomi, sharing their ideas about what they interested in. The topics are listed as follow:

;) Lee Chung Sol
Analysis on Mobile Spectrum Assignment Policy in Korea
As spectrum auction in Korea has been conducted recently by KCC(Korea Communications Commission), Lee is trying to bring up the question: How can we measure the social welfare effect of spectrum auction?

;) Juyeon Ren Lee
Japan & Korea Mobile Contents Industries: Mobile Manga
Mobile Manga is a mobile content of comic books and comic magazines that are serviced by mobile handsets. Since Ren is high interest in mobile manga, she will do more research on development of mobile manga in Korea and Japan. Read free manga online please refer to:
Manga Stream at

;) Hitomi Onoder
Technology-oriented community development in India
As political strategy to grow up ICT industry in India, Hitomi is trying to ask, what extent ICT oriented development is giving positive impact for India’s community development? We are looking forward to her research.

The Global Information Technology Report

The Global Information Technology Report

Hi guys,

I found this report on Webforum, it tells the development of ICT in 2010-2011, ranking of ICT index, trends and more!

I think it help you not only writing papers but also a basic understands about ICT.

Good luck for the finalssss!! :)